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AMU Operational Examples

The AMU develops tools and techniques for customers' operational weather analysis and display systems.

Space Shuttle Optical Imaging Satellite Overlay

Space Shuttle Optical Imaging Satellite Overlay

The AMU staff develops solutions to work with customer's operational systems to include the Meteorological Interactive Data Display System (MIDDS) and the Advanced Weather Interactive Processing System (AWIPS). The AMU has also developed operational tools for customers to use with Microsoft® Excel© and web browsers.

The links below contain select examples of operational tools developed by the AMU for our customers.


Radar and Outflow Boundary Detection MIDDS and AWIPS Tools
Brush fire results in a tornado at KSC Anvil Threat Sector
Objective Lightning Probability
Excel-based Tool Web-based Tool
Upper-level Winds Assessment Climatology of Lightning Probability
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AMU Fact

The AMU-developed Space Shuttle Optical Imaging Tool was a critical component for return-to-flight in 2005.

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