O&C Building

Operations and Checkout Building

One of KSC's facilities for processing horizontally integrated payloads is the Operations and Checkout Building. Here payloads are received, assembled and integrated before they are moved to the LC-39 area.

In the 1960's, some of the Gemini capsules and all the Apollo Lunar Modules and Command Modules were integrated and tested in this facility. In the 1970's, the facility was used to integrate and test the Apollo Soyuz Test Project Mission and the Skylab Mission.

In the 1980's and 1990's, the facility was used to integrate and test all of Spacelab missions. In the 1990's till 2005, the facility has been used to build the S0, P1 and S1 trusses on the International Space Station KSC headquarters building.

Detailed map of the O&C Building area (internal only).

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